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[Important] Shipment / inquiry system based on measures against new coronavirus infection

[Important] Notice of change in shipping / inquiry system due to measures against new coronavirus infection
At our company, we take measures against new coronavirus infection
With the request from the government, the governor of Tokyo, and the governor of Gunma prefecture to refrain from going out
In order to protect the safety of our employees, we carry out home waiting, shift work, reduced working hours, and telework.
Along with that, we have implemented the following system for mail order support.

Details of implementation (after April 13, 2020)
1. We will limit the shipping date (shipping only on Monday and Friday, irregular shipping on Wednesday depending on the situation).
2. Telephone inquiries will be cancelled.
3. We respond to inquiries by e-mail. (Basically, we only support Mondays and Fridays. It may be irregular and may be available on other days. It may take some time to reply.)
4. Due to the delivery system of Yamato Transport and the post office, delivery delays may occur.
Yamato Transport delivery status
Post office delivery status

We apologize for any inconvenience.
Thank you for your understanding.