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[New] Touhou Kaeizuka ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View / Team Shanghai Alice

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[Genre] Touhou Project Team Shanghai Alice
--Gensokyo has been revived.

The white color of winter was colored by the sunshine of spring, and Gensokyo completely regained its raw color.
The power of color that slept during the winter awakens and covers Gensokyo.
At the same time as the flowers, the fairies also become noisy. Its extraordinary beauty of nature surprised everyone living in Gensokyo.
They were quick to notice the incident.

Cherry blossoms, sunflowers, wild chrysanthemums, bellflowers ... Even though it was still spring, all the flowers were blooming at the same time all year round.
Many humans and all fairies have been in the scene for a while after receiving them as gifts from nature.
However, the most fluent human beings in Gensokyo were rarely in a hurry.

"If it's such an easy-to-understand incident, we have to resolve it quickly.
Otherwise, it's not like telling everyone that I'm lazy! "

As usual, I rushed out of the shrine with intuition.
Gensokyo itself has been revived. They are also part of nature.
The power of fairies is the power of nature. Everyone knew that they couldn't resist nature.