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[New] Touhou Chireiden-Subterranean Animism. / Shanghai Alice Phantom Team

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[Genre] Touhou Project Team Shanghai Alice
Hakurei Shrine in winter when it snows.
The shrine was once destroyed by the earthquake, but now it has completely regained its original appearance.

One day, an event occurred that surprised Reimu Hakurei, the shrine maiden of Hakurei Shrine.
It is a geyser, a white pillar that suddenly rises in the neighborhood of Hakurei Shrine.
Normally, when something happens, she goes to a solution, but that event causes her.
It was something that surprised and pleased at the same time.

The geyser melted the snow, and there should be hot springs around it that heal the tiredness of both humans and youkai.

--However, Reimu's wishful thinking was missed.
Hot spring water was not the only thing that springs from the geyser.
Atypical people who come out one after another.

Earth spirits-they lived underground.