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[New] Higurashi Daybreak / Twilight Frontier & 07th Expansion

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The end of the 18th century, the Tenmei era. It was an era when bad harvests occurred mainly in western countries and it was exhausted by two great famines. An ancient document tells of a horrific incident that happened in Onigafuchi Village in such a dark age. In the depths of Onigabuchi, demons spring up again from the land of hell and are possessed by people. People possessed by demons are ferocious like hungry wolves, and their voices do not reach. The demon possessors kill each other, and the village turns into a hellish picture of annoying screams. When the shrine maiden of the old shrine prayed for peace, Oyashiro appeared in a dream and gave a revelation. The root of the demons who are obsessed with human hearts is that the treasure of demons spilled from the land of hell has flowed to Onigafuchi. It is said that the shrine maiden dug the bank of the swamp that was told and found a small box from there. Inside was a pair of red and white magatama, and the shrine maiden took it home and cleaned it. Immediately, peace returned to the village, and the demons never sprung up from the swamp. This pair of red and white magatama is the "Fuwarazuno magatama" that is handed down as one of the treasures of Kote Shrine today. It is said that "Fuwaraz" turns into "disagreeable", and it is believed that it has the magical power to manage the relationship between a person and a demon who are incompatible with each other from the happy combination of red and white. However, it is said that the demons of hell are still aiming to recover this treasure, and that this treasure is sealed deep inside the shrine. And it seems that an ominous prophecy that threatens it is also added. "Fuwarazuno Magatama" is a treasure that never goes out of the gate. It is forbidden to take this out forever. If you bring it out, the demons of hell will attack the village again and cause a terrible tragedy. However, two hundred years later, the seal will be broken and the village will be hit again by disaster. Descendants 200 years later, don't forget your dream ……….