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[New] DOUJIN GAME x PACKAGE DESIGN Vol.02 / RebRank Release date: 2014-12-31

by RebRank
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[Scheduled release date] Scheduled for December 2014
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[Genre] Doujinshi
■ Work introduction
The second volume of the slightly unusual doujinshi "DOUJIN GAME x PACKAGE DESIGN", which considers the possibility of doujin game packaging, has been published!
Mr. Mota is in charge of character design and illustration following the first issue. Introducing the "package design" of doujin games with original characters.
This is a book that overlooks the package design and packaging of doujin games.

◆ Long interview
[What is packaging from the perspective of a printing company]
A long interview with "POPLS Co., Ltd.", which produces various types of printing, bookbinding, CD / DVD presses, and goods.
I asked about the package design from the perspective of a printing company, including the flow from submission to delivery and important points.

◆ Package design feature
[Package design of that circle that is a little worrisome]
This time, we will feature a close-up feature on dynamic game packages such as action games.
Includes "completed photo of the package / introduction of the work", "actual production data / unpublished data", and "production interview with the author".

I will introduce through the magazine "What kind of background and intention was the game package created?"
Also posted advice for those who will make games from now on.

[List of featured works]
・ Satori Komeichi's emotional education / Twilight Frontier
・ Sheep Shitsuji / Toppatsu Plan
・ Hitogata Happa / Platine Dispositif
・ Tempest of Tian Loan / LION HEART
・ Magical Battle Festa ・ Magical Girl ☆ Ion Hoshisaki / Flying System

-Number of pages / format: All pages full color, 54 pages (text: 48 pages), offset printing, wireless (Ajiro) binding
・ Genre: Original, critique, doujin software, action game, shooting game

■ Participating circles / authors (honorific titles omitted)
・ "Twilight Frontier"
・ "Topatsu Plan"
・ "Platine Dispositif"
・ "Flying system"
・ Mota (moterhome)
・ "POPLS Co., Ltd."