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[New] Lingerie Warrior Papillon Rose R Anime Archive (58 pages in all colors) / Lingerie Warrior Papillon Rose Release Date: 2014-12-30

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[Release date] December 30, 2014
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[Product Name] Ranjiri Senshi Papiyon Rose R
[Genre] Lingerie Warrior Papillon Rose
Super chin work produced by Japanimation

"This time, drink it up with R."

Kyaho! It's a bud.
It's been a year since the previous work, which I bought laughter and contempt from big friends all over the country.
Papillon Rose is back with more power-ups of inferiority, eroticism, and pakuri.
Its name is "Lingerie Warrior Papillon Rose R"!
With the addition of new characters from Petit Rose, Adonis, and Lupine, I can't take my hands off Nani! Kyaha ♪