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[New] Paca Plus Plus / PacoProject Release Date: 2012-12-31

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[Release date] December 31, 2012
[Shipping time] Ships as soon as it arrives
* Due to the circumstances of the manufacturer and wholesaler, the arrival may be delayed by several days from the release date.
Thank you for your understanding in advance. Please be sure to refer to the FAQ before ordering.
[Product Name] Pakapurasu Plus
[Genre] Doujin original game
Hey, do you want to make alpaca? Make it capybara? Or ...?

It's been a year since that incident.
Purple has returned to the appearance of an alpaca.

I tried to restore the purple appearance, but it didn't work.
Kazuma thinks that this should raise the level, but

"Well, Kazuma-kun's strange ~~~~~~ !!!"

Purple is in a bad mood and fails.

Kazuma, who is in trouble, is a woman like her sister who always consults with me.
Visit Ryo Mitaka's room.

But ...
What was there was a capybara changing clothes !!

"Well, what the hell is this capybara ...?"

In this way, I started a two-beast life with an alpaca on my right and a capybara on my left.

■ Cast
Izumi Purple Mana.
Ryo Mitaka Watarai Nanase
Akio Mitaka Naoki Sagawa
Ayaka Shinozawa Hiroko Fukada
Chisato Shinozawa Yukimaru
Alpaca Yamada Aru Paka
Capybara Shobei
and more

■ Staff
Original picture: Tsukasarin Yagurakusa
SD original: Ayu tree
Scenario: Yanagi Isuku General Soldier
Music: FuMay Issy M.Zakky pre-holder
Movie: Ronzu
Theme song: "Paca Plus Plus!"
Composition FuMay
Alpaca with lyrics
Song AL + PACA7