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[New] Touhou Eiyashou ~ Imperishable Night / Team Shanghai Alice

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[Product name] Toho Eiyasho
[Genre] Touhou Project Team Shanghai Alice
It was a peaceful night. Nothing was happening.
At least it looked like that to humans.

A youkai visits such a human being. Usually, youkai extermination is a human role.
However, even though such an "incident" is happening, humans do not move at all, so they say that they have lost their numbness.
However, human beings first noticed the "incident" at that time.
A human whose role is to exterminate youkai asked if "this incident" could be resolved before dawn.

However, the youkai say that "such an incident" will be resolved by midnight even if the night is stopped.
The youkai flew out of Gensokyo at night in search of a piece of the moon.
Humans also jump out to follow.

A human who feels demons and breaks through illusions.
A youkai who sends demons and nullifies illusions.

--They stop the night