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[New] Gensokyo Bunbun. Hiyori / Yushun Kiran & Suikaya-san Scheduled to arrive: Around May 2016

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Original price ¥1,430
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SKU 2100000062072
[Issue date] Scheduled for May 08, 2016
[Shipping time] Ships as soon as it arrives
* Due to the circumstances of the manufacturer and wholesaler, the arrival may be delayed by several days from the release date.
Thank you for your understanding in advance. Please be sure to refer to the FAQ before ordering.
[Genre] Touhou Project derivative game
Tengu's newspaper reporter, searching for text material begins.
The interviewees this time are the ghost daughter who started the cafeteria, Yamahiko who forgot the song, Hakurei's shrine maiden who gathers faith using a mysterious capsule, the wizards who challenge the analysis of the spellbook, the wind celebration and heaven opening in the bazaar. The Lord of the Earth Spirit Hall trying to convey his thoughts to people and his sister ...
Six stories set in Gensokyo open here!