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[New] Moriya's Bizarre Adventure Omnibus Vol. 2 / Saipin Scheduled to arrive: Around October 2017

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Original price ¥1,210
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SKU 2100000084524
[Issue date] Scheduled for October 15, 2017
[Shipping time] Ships as soon as it arrives
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[Product name] Moriya no Kimyona Bouken Soshuhen Chukan
[Genre] Touhou Project
"Touhou" x "Jojo Part 4" parody omnibus! !! Re-recorded volumes 5 to 9 + newly written.
The newly written time is Reimu, who plays the role of "Shigechi", working with Sanae & Kanako to "collect money".

"Rohan Kishibe" role "Shooting Marubun" and "Kira Yoshikage" role "Komeiji Satori" will also appear, and Jojo 4th Division x Touhou World will finally accelerate.