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[New] Touhou ROCK MAIDEN FC2 The biggest preaching in history! !! / Kapurikon Release date: Around March 2020

Original price ¥1,650 - Original price ¥1,650
Original price ¥1,650
¥1,650 - ¥1,650
Current price ¥1,650
SKU 2100000115211
[Issue date] Scheduled for March 22, 2020
[Shipping time] Ships as soon as it arrives
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[Product Name] Toho Rock Meiden
The second NES style of the ROCK MAIDEN series!
Further power-ups such as middle bosses and reproduced gimmicks! !!
A Rockman-style action game that reproduces the screen size (double display), colors, etc. as much as possible!
And BGM is a powerful NES arrangement by Mr. ARA of Hobby Studio Carrot Wine!
Defeat enemies with charge shots, sliding, and special weapons!

Program: Aira
Pixel art: werewolf
BGM: ARA / Yukky
BGM edit: Yukky
Package picture: Zephyr
Package painting: Aira
Sound effect: ARA / Miso

Player: 1 person
OS: 7/8/10
Memory: 256MB or more
HDD: 200MB or more
CPU: Pentium 4 1.5G or higher
DirectX: DirectX 8 or above
BGM: ogg
Joypad: Direct Input