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[New] Inquisition / Butaotome Release Date: October 13, 2013

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[Issue date] October 13, 2013
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If you look into the back of the heretic girl, it's a decadence.
A sweet and fetish Touhou full vocal album.
We have published the 2013 Magical Girl-centered Arrangement CD, which was often requested for resale, with the normal binding of the second printing specification.

1 Sin and punishment
Original song: Is U.N. Owen her?
2 Death ~ shi ~
Original song: Witches' Dance ~ Magus
3 Anemone
Original song: Vwar Magic Library
4 MiChi
Original song: the Grimoire of Alice
5 Creation
Original song: Alice Maestella
6 Sei ~ sei ~
Original song: Dim. Dream
7 Helene's tears
Original song: Lacto Girl ~ Girl Closed Room
8 Mischief
Original song: Puppet Trial-Human Shape Playing Girl