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[New] Toho Neko Keyboard 20 / Butaotome Release Date: Around May 2020

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[Issue date] Scheduled for May 05, 2020
[Shipping time] Ships as soon as it arrives
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[Product Name] Tohoneko Kenban
Last dance with a cat tonight. Dedicated to cats played by cat-loving cats with the theme of "time"
Once again, the piano instrumental CD is finally complete!

1 [0 o'clock] Alice in Mayonaka no Kuni
Original song: Alice in Wonderland

2 [2 o'clock] She is a diligent night queen
Original song: Maid and blood pocket watch

3 [4 o'clock] A gathering of fairies that no one knows
Original song: Midnight fairy dance

4 [6 o'clock] Rondo of a slight sleep
Original song: Eternal Spring Dream

5 [8 o'clock] Sleepy breakfast
Original song: Last occultism

6 [10 o'clock] Porka of tea and baked goods
Original song: Moondial-Luna Dial

7 [12:00] Lunch at the doll house
Original song: Doll trial

8 [15:00] Rabbits' crazy tea party
Original song: Crazy Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon

9 [16:00] Twilight Fairy's home road
Original song: Sunnyle Chill Reflection

10 [18:00] The sky gently closes the curtain
Original song: The night is coming down

11 [21:00] Pajamas party frenzy
Original song: I can't sleep because it's night

12 [23:55] Tonight, the last dance
Original song: Septet for the deceased princess

Original composed: ZUN (Team Shanghai Alice)
Piano / Arrangement / Programming / Mix: Paprika
Mastering: Comp
Photographer & Design: Ranko's older sister