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[New] The illusion is ephemeral and gentle / Shoujo Fractal Release date: Around December 2020

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[Issue date] Scheduled for December 31, 2020
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[Product name] Genso is quick and gentle
The boundary between the two people who touched each other The warmth that I felt faintly, only once again, a fragile and gentle illusion

[Track list]
01. The illusion is ephemeral and gentle
Original song: Necro Fantasia
Lyrics: Miya Amamiya Arrangement: Non Enonaka Song: Miya Amamiya, Beni Kazuki

02. What is reflected in the eyes
Original song: A nightmare world I've never seen
Lyrics: Marcia Arrangement: Okuma Cat Song: Ami Himegi

03. Red flower
Original song: Return to Higan-Riverside View
Lyrics: Marcia Arrangement: Yuri Mix Song: Kagetsu Beni Yume, Toshiki Kanon, Nagi Yuina

04. Two people's dream trip
Lyrics: Marcia Arrangement: hiroo Song: Kagetsu Benimu, Toshiki Kanon, Nagi Yuina

05. Orange
Lyrics: Marcia Composition: SHiN Song: Kagetsu Benimu, Himegi Ami

06. Beyond the end
Original song: Cureias Shanghai Old Song
Lyrics: Miya Amamiya Arrangement: Yuri Mix Song: Miya Amamiya, Yuina Nagi 

SpecialThanks: Ayumi Omori
illustrated: Crimson jellyfish