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[New] Super Forest Beat VOL.11 / Silver Forest Release date: Around December 2020

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Original price ¥1,540
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SKU 2100000119905
[Issue date] Scheduled for December 28, 2020
[Shipping time] Ships as soon as it arrives
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[Product Name] Super Forest
Female vocal Touhou arrangement CD with transformer and Eurobeat as the main
Includes "Kero ⑨ destiny" sung by that vocal

■ Track list
track01: Infinity --Marina ver
vocal: Marina
compose: NYO
sample: 7701_infinity.mp3

track02: travel darkness
vocal: Sayuri
origial: Genso Joruri (Touhou Double Dealing Character)
sample: 7702_travel.mp3

track03: missing ring (KaNa Trance mix)
vocal: Sayuri
compose: KaNa
sample: 7703_miss.mp3

track04: all need you want
vocal: Sariya
compose: NYO
Genre: HOUSE
sample: 7704_all.mp3

track05: DEEP DESIRE --SF mastering ver
vocal: Sayuri
origial: the Grimoire of Alice

track06: Rally
vocal: Aki Nekomori
origial: Delivered to the moon, immortal smoke (Touhou Eiyasho)
sample: 7706_rally.mp3

track07: I tried to sing Kero ⑨ destiny
vocal: Natsumi Sayuri
origial: Native Face (Touhou Shinroku)
Genre: Denpa song

track08: Traque IV Guided shrine maidens --SF mastering ver
vocal: Aki Nekomori
origial: Old Yuan Shen (Touhou Shinto Mausoleum)
Genre: Denpa song

track09: travel darkness --instrumental
Genre: Karaoke