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[New] MEGATON KICK 2 / HARDCORE TANO * C Release date: Around January 2021

Original price ¥1,980 - Original price ¥1,980
Original price ¥1,980
¥1,980 - ¥1,980
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SKU 2100000120116
[Issue date] Scheduled for January 04, 2021
[Shipping time] Ships as soon as it arrives
* Multiple orders will be shipped according to the product with the latest release date.
* Due to the circumstances of the manufacturer and wholesaler, the arrival may be delayed by several days from the release date.
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[Product name] Megatonkiku
[Genre] Original
HARD kicks twice

01. DJ Myosuke --Megaton Killer
02. Camellia --No Heroes are Allowed to Enter
03. BCM-#BassHouse
04. RoughSketch --Ill
05. MNK --Let Me Tell You Something
06. Dustvoxx --Hi-Tech Puzzle Vox
07. t + pazolite --Destrudo
08. Yuta Imai --Cyka Blyat
09. USAO --You & DIE
10. Gram --LOKI
11. Kobaryo --Energy Laser

Mastering: USAO
Produce: REDALiCE
Design: Shota Kajimura
Illust: BerryVerrine