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[New] [Ehime] 15th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix / A-R-Note Release Date: Around January 2021

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Original price ¥2,750
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SKU 2100000120826
[Issue date] Scheduled for January 31, 2021
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[Product name] Toho Project

The 18th Touhou Manzai animation released by "R-Note"! !!

Determining the pinnacle of "ability to make people laugh"
A big event once a year for comic masters who shine in Gensokyo!

[Ehime] The 15th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

The demon-shaped beast group is in full swing! A fisherman from the Sanzu River and a god who heals his throat! A runaway hermit and a ghost!
A group leader combination from the livestock world! Add the hero of Gensokyo and the guardian deity to stir the tournament.
The repechage combination joins there, and the most "radical" five-way battle in the history of the tournament.

What to wait for after being hungry ...
Which group will win the championship? ??

Screenplay / Script: Ranti / Takamasa Yamada
Animation: 沌 x, Masaki, chie, Keiko

■ Appearance combination
[Dream Aun]
Koreino Aun
Reimu Hakurei

[Theatrical company miko]
Mononobe Futsunomitama
Soga clan

Junmi Ushizaki
Hisashi Niwatari

[Livestock Union]
Prajna Yachikei
Saki Koma

Shinnosuke Morichika
Youmu Konpaku

■ Specifications
Media: DVD-ROM (CD case)
Playback environment: Player or PC that can play DVD