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[New] Single Best Vol.4 "Infinite Journey, Our Choice" / Shoujo Fractal Release Date: Around March 2021

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[Issue date] Scheduled for March 21, 2021
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[Product name] Toho Project
"Infinite journey, our choice", "Jump to the moon", "Aria of the heavens", etc.
The 4th best album of Shoujo Fractal, which includes songs from popular singles !!

[Track list]
01. Infinite journey, our choice
Original song: Nightmare Diary
Lyrics: Kamase Tora Arrangement: Yu Kanamori Song: Miya Amamiya, Ami Himegi Guitar: Yu Kanamori

02. Preface to the atrocities
Original song: Foul on impossible bullets
Lyrics: Kamase Tora Arrangement: Detarabocchi Song: Miya Amamiya

03. Jump until the moon
Original song: Native Face
Lyrics: Namari Okuyama Arrangement: Namari Okuyama Song: Risa Yuzuki Guitar: Namari Okuyama

Original song: Red soul like Hozuki
Lyrics: Namari Okuyama Arrangement: Namari Okuyama Song: Miya Amamiya

05. Shuten no aria
Original song: Last remote / Lost emotion
Lyrics: Miya Amamiya, Ami Himegi Arrangement: Autobahn Song: Miya Amamiya, Ami Himegi

06. Pathfinder
Original song: Wind Circulation-Wind Tour
Lyrics: Yuzurisa Arrangement: Detarabocchi, Yu Kanamori Song: Ami Himegi

07. Foam, Ai no Mahoroba (Fractal cover 2020 ver.)
Original song: Extended Ash-Horaijin / Delivered to the moon, immortal smoke
Lyrics: Kamase Tora Arrangement: Iceon, HiZuMi Song: Miya Amamiya, Ami Himegi Guitar: Otorei

Illustrated: Tuanz ZZZZZ / Suzuka Kyoda / Rue Daimaou