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[New] vivid / Shonen Vivid Release date: Around March 2021

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[Issue date] Scheduled for March 21, 2021
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[Product name]
The first all-track new best album on the 10th anniversary of Shonen Vivid's activities.
A total of 16 songs packed with 10 years' worth of thoughts, from standard live songs to hidden masterpieces.
It is an expression that can only be done "now" from a boy to an adult, and it pierces your heart more clearly.

・ TrackList

Crazy Eyes-Invisible Full Moon

02. Blooming on the dead shore
Return to Higan-Riverside View

03. Etranje
You for romance in the night sky

04. Paper plane
Cinderella Cage-Kagome-Kagome

05.Stand by Me
Ghost Orchestra-Phantom Ensemble

06. Amaoto
Be careful of perpetual umbrellas

07. Nostalgia
Shanghai Tea House-Chinese Tea

Ecstatic Heaven-Wonderful Heaven

09. Bitter World
Bishamonten with a tiger pattern

10. Yunagi Monochrome
God rusty old battlefield-Suwa Foughten Field

Tomboy love daughter

12. Mirage
Red in the black sea-Legendary Fish

13. Kaleidoscope
Hartmann's Youkai Girl

14.Locked Garden
Vwar Magic Library / Lacto Girl ~ Girl Closed Room

15. Alien
Greenwich in the sky

16. Needle sound imbalance
Is U.N. Owen her?


Original Compose: ZUN / Team Shanghai Alice

ALL Produce & Direction & Arrangement & Lyrics: Ichi

Arrangement & Mixing & Mastering: Oyster Mushroom

JacketIllustration & Design: White dew

Recording Studio: studio KPP