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[New] ZC -THE BEST of ZYTOKINE CYTOKINE5- / ZYTOKINE Release date: Around May 2021

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[Issue date] Scheduled for May 02, 2021
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[Product name] Toho Project
--Z / CYTOKINE 15th Anniversary -

ZYTOKINE / CYTOKINE will be in 2021
We are celebrating the 15th anniversary of starting Touhou Arrangement.

ZYTOKINE's 70th work is now
To celebrate the 15th anniversary
The best compilation album with all 26 songs suitable!


4 new vocal songs,
2 new Remix songs

In addition to 6 new songs, ZYTOKINE / CYTOKINE
Choose a selection of songs from each past work.
Collected in SIDE Z and SIDE C respectively,
We will deliver it in a large volume of 26 songs in a 2-disc set.
Including bonus tracks
All songs are refined and remastered!

-The trajectory from nostalgic songs to the present is here-

Track List
SIDE Z (Disc1)
01. ZCENARIO RELOADER feat. YURiCa / Hanatan
Plain Asia "Touhou Eiyasho"

02. Tengai Hirin no Synchronicity feat. Nachi
Tonight is an easy-going egoist (Live ver) ~ Egoistic Flowers. "Touhou Dango"

03. That blue doesn't suit you feat. cold kiss
53 Minute Blue Sea "Uro Tokaido"

04. Crazy Crazy Crazy feat. Itori
Crazy Back Dancers "Touhou Tenku Rin"

05. Gentle rain fell on my cheeks feat. YURiCa / Hanatan
Demystify Feast "Sky Magic"

06. ZCAREDY CAT feat. Itori
Jail Larabai "Touhou Chireiden"

07. disharmonized love feat. SYO
Starry sky of small desire "Touhou Shinto Mausoleum"

08. Toy Soldiers feat. Aki
Faith is "Touhou Shinroku" for ephemeral human beings

09. ANOTHER HEAVEN feat. Nachi
Touhou Youyoumu-Ancient Temple "Touhou Youyoumu"

10. JAPANIZED BLUE feat. Cold kiss
53 Minute Blue Sea "Uro Tokaido"

11. Asterope feat. Itori
Koiiro Master Spark "Touhou Eiyasho"

12. inverted RAINBOW feat. YURiCa / Hanatan --Z / CYTOKINE Remix
Youkai Mountain-Mysterious Mountain "Touhou Shinroku"

Eternal Dream-Imperishable Night "Touhou Eiyasho"

SIDE C (Disc2)
Illusion Machine-Phantom Factory "Dream Science Century"

02. Throw your cards down feat. Itori
the Grimoire of Alice "Mystic Square"

03. Nuclear Fusion feat. SAKI (SynthV)
Religious Sun Faith-Nuclear Fusion "Touhou Chireiden"

04. Enigmatic Doll (Revised)
Enigmatic Doll "Horai Doll"

05. Shattered Emotion feat. Nana Takahashi --CYTOKINE Remix
Emotional Skyscraper-Cosmic Mind "Touhou Seirensen"

06. Delivered to the moon Immortal smoke (Revised)
Delivered to the moon, immortal smoke "Touhou Eiyasho"

07. re: world feat. SAKI (SynthV)
Faith is "Touhou Shinroku" for ephemeral human beings

08. Alice in Wonderland (Revised)
Alice in Wonderland "Mystic Square"

09. envY feat. SAKI (SynthV)
Green-eyed jealousy "Touhou Chireiden"

10. Red (Revised)
Spring color small diameter-Colorful Path "Touhou Hanaezuka"

11. Alice Maestera (Revised)
Alice Maestella "Toho Gensokyo"

12. With that voice dazzling than black feat. Aki --Z / CYTOKINE Remix
Dark side of fate "Touhou Shinroku"

13. Closed System feat. SAKI (SynthV) --Bonus Track

◆ Featuring Vocals
cold kiss [Nana Takahashi x Linjin]
nachi [twinkle * twinkle]
SAKI (Synthesizer V)

◆ All music written by
ZUN [Team Shanghai Alice]
* Except Disc2 Tr.13 written by neighbor

◆ All Trax Arrangements, Words, Recording, Mixing
Neighbor / Linjin [ZYTOKINE / CYTOKINE]

◆ illustration & Design
Gama-yaki 鰻 [CYTOKINE]

◆ Mastered by
Hedonist [Everything]

◆ Produced by
Neighbor x Kabayaki Eel
Linjin x Unagi Kabayaki