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【お知らせ】6/14 Alipay決済ができるようになりました。欢迎使用支付宝!
【お知らせ】6/14 Alipay決済ができるようになりました。欢迎使用支付宝!

[New] TOHO BOSSA NOVA 10 / Shibayan Records Release date: Around May 2021

Original price ¥1,650 - Original price ¥1,650
Original price ¥1,650
¥1,650 - ¥1,650
Current price ¥1,650
SKU 2100000122974
[Issue date] Scheduled for May 30, 2021
[Shipping time] Ships as soon as it arrives
* Multiple orders will be shipped according to the product with the latest release date.
* Due to the circumstances of the manufacturer and wholesaler, the arrival may be delayed by several days from the release date.
 In the case of popular products, we may not be able to prepare the ordered products due to shipping restrictions and distribution. ※※ Please be sure to check the FAQ before ordering ※※
[Product name] Tohobosano
What a 10th time as soon as possible!
I've done it for a long time _ (´ω`_) ⌒) _

1. Instincts
original. A red soul like a hozuki
arrange. signum / ii (w / Irus & Yousuke Saito)
2. Team leader Bossa
original. Unlocated hell
arrange. Masami Tea (O-Life Japan)
3. Lightly cloudy cool
original. Lacto Girl ~ Girl Closed Room
arrange. Sea bream skeleton
4. Kibunya Hartmann 0:07
original. Hartmann's Youkai Girl
arrange. Unity-Gain-6dB
A.Gt, perc. ItEdoke key. O thick
5. Witch's Promise
original. Lacto Girl ~ Girl Closed Room
arrange, lyrics. Shibayan vocal. 3L
bass. Mu
6. Automata
original. Romantic Children, Alice in Wonderland
lyric, arrangement, all instruments by Jinzo
7. soliloque
original. The star of hope rises to the blue haze
lyric, arrangement, all instruments by milka
8. Forgetful Lament
original. Faith is for ephemeral humans
arrange. Shibayan lyrics. Cittan * vocal. Nachi
bass. Mu
9. For lanterns of mukaebi
original. A red soul like a hozuki
arrange. Ham (Foxtail-Grass Studio)