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[New] Movie version Madomagi Devil Homura Akemi Strap / Cospa Release date: 2014-06-30

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[Scheduled release date] Scheduled for June 2014
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[Product Name] Gekijoban Madomagi Akuma Homura Tsumamare
[Genre] Puella Magi Madoka Magica
A cute and deformed tsumamare strap of "Homura Akemi" who became a devil out of the circle!
It is a unique item that makes it look like the character is pinched and hung by attaching it to a bag or the like!
Not only can it be attached to mobile phones and digital cameras, but it can also be attached to bags as an accessory!
With removable earphone jack parts, even smartphones without strap holes are OK!

* Please enjoy the earphone jack as an accessory. If you hang a mobile phone, etc., it may fall.
* "Tsumamare" is a registered trademark of COSPA.

Illustration: Kidayu
Size: (approx.) Length 5.8 x Width 7.9 cm

(C) Magica Quartet / Aniplex / Madoka Movie Project Rebellion