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[New] [No mail service] Data Carddass Aikatsu! Akari Ozora School Dress Set / Bandai Release Date: 2014-04-30

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[Release date] April 2014
[Shipping time] Ships as soon as it arrives
* Due to the circumstances of the manufacturer and wholesaler, the arrival may be delayed by several days from the release date.
Thank you for your understanding in advance. Please be sure to refer to the FAQ before ordering.
[Product name] Aikatsu! Shinnyu Gakusukuru Dosetto
[Genre] Aikatsu!
Scheduled to appear in TV animation from April 2014 !!
School dress set of the hottest new character ☆

If you have this, you can start Aikatsu!
4 new cards that will not be paid out from the chassis + Aikatsu! Official IC card set

★ You can get the new character card that will appear in the TV anime from April 2014 at the fastest timing !!
★ Aikatsu! All 4 cards include new cards that are not paid out from the chassis !!
★ A set of a new character's school dress full coordination and an IC card, a great value set that you can start Aikatsu!

【set content】
・ Aikatsu! Official IC card
・ Aikatsu! Card x 4

* Aikatsu! Official IC cards will not be paid out from the housing.
* Aikatsu! Official IC card can be saved 400 times.
* The included card will not be paid out from the housing.