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[New] Monday's Tawawa Ai-chan 1/7 / Max Factory Release Date: Around August 2019

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[Release date] Scheduled for August 2019
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[Product name] Getsuyoubi no Tawawa Ai-chan
[Genre] Figure
From "Monday's Tawawa", which has been a hot topic due to serialization and animation on SNS, the high school girl heroine "Ai-chan" has appeared as a 1/7 scale figure!
The illustration of the anime Blu-ray jacket has been reproduced with delicate and dynamic modeling.
The figure is full of highlights, such as the expression of fine and delicate hair, the rugged breasts that are released from gravity and rampage, and the realistic wrinkle expression of uniforms.
In addition, "replacement chest parts" that can reproduce the state where the button pops off depending on the size of the chest are included.

(C) Kiseki Himura / PBM