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[New] Plalanche NEO Aikatsu Stars! Set / Bandai Release Date: 2016-07-30

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[Release date] July 30, 2016
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[Genre] Aikatsu!
Decorate the baked plastic charm with a gel pen and arrange it even more glittering! !!

Paint it, cut it, and bake it in a toaster ... It's done!

Pralanche NEO Aikatsu! The second in the series!
You can make more than 35 works. Decorate the baked charm with a two-color gel pen to make it even more glittering and cute!

【set content】
Transparent pattern sheet x 4, glossy pattern sheet, gel pen x 2, string parts x 2, ball chain x 2, fasteners x 5, scissors mount, eye cutlet! card

Size: 220 (width) 200 (height) 25 (back) mm