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[New] Touhou Project Jurokuya Sakuya Touhou Kourindou Version / Q's Q Release Date: Around December 2019

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Original price ¥16,280
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[Release date] Scheduled for December 2019
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[Product name] Toho Project
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I came to look for something auspicious ...

From the barrage shooting game "Touhou Project", Remilia's maid chief, Sakuya Jurokuya, appears in the design version of the novel "Touhou Kourindou".
The delicate hair and frills, as well as the tea set on the tray, are really delicate.
Please enjoy the sculptural beauty of the prototype master i-con, who has been making Touhou figures for a long time!

Prototype production: i-con (indigo sky blue)
Color production: 920-3 (indigo sky blue)
Scale: Overall height: Approximately 17 cm

(C) Team Shanghai Alice