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【お知らせ】6/14 Alipay決済ができるようになりました。欢迎使用支付宝!
【お知らせ】6/14 Alipay決済ができるようになりました。欢迎使用支付宝!

[New] Axia Character Tapestry "Touhou Project" Toho Glitter Emaki -Far east saga- / Axia

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Original price ¥5,500
¥5,500 - ¥5,500
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SKU 4562193187006
Axia character tapestry "Touhou Glitter Emaki -Far east saga-"
It is a tapestry that uses beautiful illustrations of the eastern illustration drawn with the image of "Tomomi Kobayashi" who is famous for character design and illustration of Romancing SaGa.
The characters are "White Marisa", "Black Marisa", "Alice Margatroid", and "Cirno" from the left.

Tomomi Kobayashi
[Size] Width 1030 mm x Length 728 mm
[Fabric] Double suede

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