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[New] The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Theater Acrylic Keychain Akane Hino 4 / Gift Release Date: January 2019

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[Release date] Scheduled for January 2019
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[Genre] Character goods The Idolmaster
From the anime "THE IDOLM @ STER CINDERELLA GIRLS THEATER" comes the 15th acrylic key chain!
"Mizuki Kawashima," "Sachiko Koshimizu," "Syuko Shiomi," "Ayame Hamaguchi," "Akane Hino," "Yuki Himekawa," "Ryo Matsunaga," "Yukari Mizumoto," "Frederica Miyamoto," and "Aki Yamato." Please attach it to the key and enjoy it ♪

All 10 types
Mizuki Kawashima 4 / Sachiko Koshimizu 5 / Syuko Shiomi 8 / Ayame Hamaguchi 2 / Akane Hino 4
Yuki Himekawa 5 / Ryo Matsunaga 2 / Yukari Mizumoto 2 / Frederica Miyamoto 4 / Aki Yamato 2

Size: Approx. W30-40mm x H80-100mm
* Excluding metal fittings * Depends on the type.

(C) BNEI / Shingeki