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[New] Reverse for you Special Deck Set Holo Live Production 1st Generation & Gamers 1BOX / Bushiroad Release Date: Around November 2021

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Original price ¥8,800
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[Release date] Scheduled for November 2021
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・ For those who start from here!
Two trial decks included!
Those who want to start from now on can also play by combining the trial deck and new cards!

・ Recording talent New card recording
2 types of character cards and 1 type of Reverse card, 3 types in total, 4 each!
Those who already have booster packs will be able to build various new decks.

・ SP confirmed pack included
You can always get one of the 27 types of SP cards recorded in booster packs with different comments / processing!

・ Special material partner card
Booster pack recording SP design partner card 27 types to 3 types are included!

・ Recording talent
Yozora Mel, Aki Rosenthal, Akai Haato, Shirakami Fubuki,
Natsuiro Matsuri, Ookami Mio, Nekomata Okayu, Inugami Korone

・ One set of cards included in the trial deck "Hololive Production ver. Hololive 1st gen member" (reprint specification)
・ One set of cards included in the trial deck "Hololive Production ver. Hololive Gamers" (reprint specification)
・ Recorded talent new cards 3 types x 4 (total 24 types, 96 cards)
* One of the four cards is a holo specification / special material partner card (1 each from 27 types to 3 types)
・ SP confirmed pack (1 from 27 types included)
・ Special storage box