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[New] 1/6 Pureneemo Character Series No.132 "Touhou Project" Marisa Kirisame [secondary production] with purchase bonus / Azone International Release date: April 2023

Original price ¥18,700 - Original price ¥18,700
Original price ¥18,700
¥18,700 - ¥18,700
Current price ¥18,700
SKU 4582119993023

[Release date] Scheduled for April 2023
[Shipping time] Ships as soon as it arrives
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[Product name] Toho Project Kirisame Marisa
[Genre] Azone
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*Purchase privilege: A4 clear file (finished as soon as it runs out)

"Touhou Project / Marisa Kirisame" has been well received and will be produced in secondary production! !

Due to the popularity of the doll eye specification "Touhou Project/Marisa Kirisame", secondary production has been decided! !
Highly transparent doll eyes have a presence (reality) as if they were alive.
Make Marisa's expression full of curiosity stand out.
Adopting a familiar design based on magician-like black, a mini bagua furnace and a broom are included as items.
Although it is simple, it changes into various silhouettes by freely posing with a high range of motion of the emotional body.

Please enjoy it side by side with the new product "Reimu Hakurei" released at the same time.

[Head] Soft vinyl head (flocked cap specification, 10mm obi Hitomi attached)
Head prototype production: Chizuru (Tsuru no Yakata)
Mask paint eye design: DOLCHU

[Body] Pure Neemo 2 Emotion S/Girl (White)
Prototype production: Sawada Koubou
Size: 1/6 scale (approximately 24 cm in height)
Costume: complete outfit, strap shoes
Costume production: Taeko Sekiguchi
Accessories: mini bagua furnace, broom, handle

(C) Shanghai Alice Phantom Troupe