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[New] ARCTECH Series Girls Frontline G41 / APEX Release Date: Around December 2020

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[Release date] Scheduled for December 2020
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[Genre] Figure
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From the popular social game "Dolls Frontline" comes the odd-eyed chemo-mimi girl G41!
There are 22 movable joints throughout the body, ensuring a wide range of motion while maintaining the natural appearance to the maximum.
There are plenty of optional replacement parts such as hands and ears, and you can reproduce various characteristic poses of the original game!

Size: Height approx. 20 cm
Prototype production: FANTESIN BORM
Painting: 180m / h, _Gallun
Supervision: FANTESIN BORM
Enclosed privilege: Dynagate G41 Ver. Mini plastic model + cardboard paper craft for storage x 1

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