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【お知らせ】6/14 Alipay決済ができるようになりました。欢迎使用支付宝!
【お知らせ】6/14 Alipay決済ができるようになりました。欢迎使用支付宝!

[New] Touhou Bunkacho-Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red. / Ichijinsha Release Date 2005-08-11

Original price ¥1,980 - Original price ¥1,980
Original price ¥1,980
¥1,980 - ¥1,980
Current price ¥1,980
SKU 9784758010375
■ The original of this book, Gensokyo's best information expert, Shameimaru Aya, is here! !! Thorough dissection of 32 popular characters from the perspective of sentences! Of course, the text was newly written by the original author ZUN!
■ In addition to the original comic with the original (Original: ZUN comic: Haniwa), plenty of anthology comics are also included.
■ Illustrators who are closely related to the series, such as Kususaga Rin (Touhou Kourindou) and alphes (Immaterial and Missing Power), will also participate!
■ Full of reading points such as a newly written music column by the original author and an interview that thoroughly talked about the game!
■ Speaking of the "Touhou" series, the charm of music is also indispensable! Includes special content CD-ROM including new songs!