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[New] The Grimoire of Marisa [with CD-ROM] / Ichijinsha Release Date 2009-07-28

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SKU 9784758011525
This "The Grimoire of Marisa" is a book that summarizes research and consideration on barrage (spell card), which is said to have been written by Marisa Kirisame, one of the main characters of the Touhou Project.
A number of barrages are introduced with a light and open-minded narrative that is typical of Marisa, with pictures and illustrations of the game screen.
Of course, the writing is done by Mr. ZUN, the original author who is in charge of the "Touhou Project".
The cover is by the familiar Kususaga Rin, and the text illustration is by the up-and-coming illustrator Takeshi Morihime.
In addition, new songs written by Mr. ZUN for this book and wallpapers that can be used in various places are included in the appendix CD-ROM.