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[New] Toho Ibarakasen-Wild and Horned Hermit. (3) / Ichijinsha Release Date 2013-07-27

SKU 9784758013178
Currently being serialized in "Comic REX Special Edition Febri"
Volume 3 of "Touhou Ibarakasen? Wind and Horned Hermit." Is on sale!

Mr. ZUN of Team Shanghai Alice who develops "Touhou Project" wrote the original by himself
"Touhou Ibarakasen" is a one-shot serialized manga that I write.
Of course, it is in line with the world view of the "Touhou Project" that has continued so far.

* This is the normal version. Special edition benefits are not included.
(C) ZUN / Aya Azuma / Ichijinsha 2013