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【お知らせ】6/14 Alipay決済ができるようになりました。欢迎使用支付宝!
【お知らせ】6/14 Alipay決済ができるようになりました。欢迎使用支付宝!

[New] Dolls Frontline Comic Anthology VOL.2 (DNA Media Comics) / Ichijinsha Release Date: May 25, 2019

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Original price ¥927
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SKU 9784758020435
[Release Date] May 25, 2019
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The second official anthology of "Girls' Frontline"!
In a deserted world, girls will conquer the front tomorrow.

I'm still struggling loosely today on the front line where bullets fly!
Deliver plenty of Griffin's daily life with 15 comics and illustrations!

[Writing writers]
·An illustration
Black Kawa / Nagu / What should I do with the name / Rice Beast / Mafuyu
Yuri Ashida / Kometsubu / Shino Sakura / Fire extinguisher /
Super Zombi / Yu Takahara / Tachibana Roku /
Frozen bloom / Tobimura / Hasega ゎ / Hitoshi /
Fumiya / Hiroji Mishima / Meishi Murakami / Yomosaka