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[New] Toho Hidden Gicho / Genkosha Release Date: August 09, 2014

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[Release date] August 09, 2014
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[Product Name] Toho Project
A collection of Touhou illustrations and techniques by 6 painters. The third popular!

This is a technique book for drawing illustrations based on the Touhou Project in Photoshop.
Introducing illustrations by 6 painters with different touches and their techniques.
We have carefully selected and introduced the functions of Photoshop used in the illustrations, so it is recommended not only for Touhou fans but also for those who draw digital illustrations.
In addition, multiple beautiful illustrations are posted for each artist so that not only the person who draws but also the "viewer" can enjoy it, which can be viewed as a visual book.

● Posted artist ●
Manyako, kyachi, Tori no Akua, Elephant, Takatora, OrGA
(6 people in total, in no particular order)