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[New] Touhou Drawing Gicho / Genkosha Release Date: May 11, 2015

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[Release date] May 11, 2015
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[Product Name] Toho Project
Thorough explanation of how to draw characters attractively based on the Touhou Project.

It is packed with techniques that make you "cute," "cool," and "dynamic."
Not only basic things such as "standing", "walking" and "sitting", but also things like "flying in the sky", "battle scene" and "drinking alcohol" that are typical of the Touhou Project are a must-see! The drawing method is explained gently and carefully.
It also explains useful techniques that you should know, such as "hands" and "feet" that you tend to be weak at, "contrapposto", "overperth", and "how to use solid black".
In addition, the fluffy clothes and frills that are indispensable for drawing the characters of the Touhou Project are also illustrated and explained.
With just a few points in mind, your character will be reborn in a surprisingly lively and attractive way.
In addition, as many Touhou Project characters as possible appear in this book, and poses that make the most of each character's individuality.
This is a great book that even Touhou Project fans who don't usually draw illustrations can enjoy.

■ Tips on how to draw
Contrapposto basics
Differences in characteristics between women and men
How to draw limbs
Separate head and body (differences depending on the head and body, tips for deformation)
Make the picture look attractive (how to use it properly, over-perspective, how to use solid black)
Clothes / frills (how to draw wrinkles and frills on clothes)

■ kyachi
Standing pose
Walking pose
Running pose
Flying pose
Twisting pose
Sitting pose
Sleeping pose
Pose with hands
Pose with things
Atmospheric pose
Separately draw faces

■ Elephant
Standing pose
Flying pose
Pose that makes use of wings
Drinking pose
Pose with a weapon
Magical chant pose
How to match the background and character
Atmospheric pose
Utilization of clothes and decoration
Separately draw faces

[End of book] Character index