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[New] Toho Illustration Techniques by Copic Painters-From Coloring Book to Illustration Making / Hobby Japan Release Date: March 31, 2016

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[Release date] March 31, 2016
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[Product name] Toho Project
This book is a must-have book for drawing the popular characters of the Touhou Project more attractively with Copic.

Nowadays, drawing digitally is becoming commonplace, and analog painting materials such as Copic, watercolors, and colored pencils have become a big hit.
Digital and analog are not in conflict with each other, and in fact they are very compatible.
In particular, Copic is technically only two methods: "gradation coating" (a coating method in which different colors are mixed while blending before drying) and "overcoating" (a coating method in which different colors are layered on top of a dry color). It's easy to draw, easy to understand, and it's actually a very easy painting material.
This book is a practical technique book that you can see and learn by developing the basic "gradation coating" and "overcoating" centering on the making of Mr. Copic masters, Mr. Rough Tea and Mr. Leo Fire God.